Day for Night 2017

Work Order
Design and Animation
Work Order invited James Zanoni and I to be a part of their annual festival, Day for Night. Together, James and I developed a visual toolset to be used for branding, promotion, and live performances at the festival.


Leading up to the festival a series of teaser videos were released on Instagram to build up hype.

Lineup Release

Promotional video for the festival’s lineup. Edited by Work-Order.

2017 Recap

Recap of the event’s performances, installations, and guests. Edited by Work-Order.

Event Projections

Projections were scattered throughout the massive festival space covering vertually every surface in visual stimuli and navigational elements.

Directed by
Work Order
Executive Creative Director
Kiffer Keegan
Antoine Martin
Ross McCampbell
James Zanoni

Ross McCam
James Zanoni
© 2017 Ross McCampbell
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