Ross McCampbell

Ross McCampbell

Garden of the Mind

Personal Project

A reflection on the commonalities between gardening and therapy. In both you seek to plant seeds for the future and pull out the weeds that have taken root. A garden and a mind require constant effort to maintain health and growth. It is only fitting that through the act of gardening one is able to meditate on their thoughts, improving both the garden and their mental health. This illustration attempts to capture that symbiotic relationship.

Plant Specimens


In this timelapse you can see the illustration’s evolution over time.

Originally drawing inspiration from traditional Moroccan rugs, the design evolved to its current state after a trip to Peninsula Park in Portland, Oregon. The sunken structure of the garden gave a grand view from above, while feeling intimate once within the garden.

The pathways of this garden are almost maze like in that there is no direct route to the center. Likewise, the journey to the deeper, subcontious levels of our mind are often long and meandering. This fictional garden reflects that idea in its layout, giving the viewer their own journey to explore.

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