Niks 360° In-Store Experience           
Buck Design
3DAnimationIllustration, Experiential

With the ultra talented folks at Buck, I was fortunate enough to work on this 360° in-store experience for a secretive skin-care brand in San Francisco. This animation welcomed guests to a concept store where customers were able to experience a vision of the future of retail. The animation was designed to be cheeky and fun to disrupt the stuffiness of the usual cosmetic shopping experience.
360° Screen
Designing and animating for a 360° format presented a lot of fun challenges, especially when the canvas is a 64’ long, 8’ tall seamless loop with an image provided by five overlapping 4K projectors.
My Focus
After storyboarding the animation together, our small team broke out the shots into scenes we were most interested in doing. My main focus became end scene where the viewer is catapulted through an ocean of non-euclidean geometry and cosmetic graphics.
In order to create the illusion that the screen was moving through space, I used a combination of Cinema 4D and After Effects. In Cinema I used a spherical camera (like what they use in VR) to create a double vanishing point. From there I blended 3D and 2D elements in After Effects, maintaining the quirky 2D style established in the rest of the film. When viewed on the 360° screen the animation appears undistorted, as if you really are traveling through this explosion.
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