Sea Foam          
Personal Project
Animation, Cel, Illustration
There is a constant turbulence to life.
The elements of this world are constant, but their arrangement ever changing; the world is constantly unfolding. We see the change in small details spread out over long periods of time like a tide coming in or your childhood home revisited.
This apparent chaos exists in a cycle. If you were to take the time to step back and observe the changes, you may find they exist in a never ending loop.
To be aware of this loop, to stand at the viewpoint of the meta, is to separate yourself from what you observe. This position of observing is where all art derives, where we see the beauty of life as well as the ugly horror of it.
It is also impossible to stay in this meta position of observation, as the tide of daily life will always pull us back into the water. Though, every once and a while we can take a step back and observe.
© 2021 Ross McCampbell