To Abstract

Personal Project
Animation / Illustration

Sound Design by David Kamp

In a series of explorations, this short aims to connect reality and abstraction through animation in an attempt to understand what it means "to abstract".

This series started from the desire to bridge the gap between abstract art and reality. Normally when faced with an abstract image our mind must extrapolate from the reduced artwork in order to reconstruct the original subject it was created from. Each of the individual animations tackles a different form of abstraction and stitches it together with its source.

To abstract is to simplify.
To abstract is to exaggerate.
To abstract is to shape.
To abstract is to reduce.

To abstract is to probe.
To abstract is to emote.
To abstract is to personify.
To abstract is to distort.

To abstract is to abstract.
Sound Design
Ross McCampbell
Ross McCampbell
David Kamp
Rochester Film Festival
Official Selection
© 2021 Ross McCampbell
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