Riot Games Valorant Masters          
Massive Assembly
Promotion for Riot Games’ Valorant tournament Masters. 

A series of tunnels were created to depict the breakneck speed of players from around the world heading towards the tournament. These tunnels depict a first person point of view of speeding through abstract roads and at times completely deconstructed landscapes. Below are a select few.

Mind Morphs
These transitional elements were created as portals into the minds of each of the four players. Each are unique to the powers of each character.

Dimensional Rifts
These animated patterns depict the different characters’ powers radiating out and overtaking the space around them.

Massive Assembly

Jason Yeh
Eugene Art Seo
Creative Direction

Ross McCampbell
Champ Panupong Techawongthawon
Jonas Elsgaard
Naomi Tirronen
Dewen Yang
Paulo de Almada
Neil Hilken
2D / 3D / Design

Reece Parker
Maria Menshikova
Song E Kim
Omar Romolino
Frankell Baramdyka
Cel Animation / Illustration
© 2021 Ross McCampbell