Ziggy Monospace          
Personal Project
AnimationDesign, Illustration, Type Design
Ziggy Monospace is a typeface from the retro future, inspired by classic science fiction novels.
You will find its letters familiar, as it hails from a terran planet much like our own. Researchers believe it is of the san-serif family while a few have even called it "grotesque."
As they often travel together, Ziggy Monospace appears to have a symbiotic relationship with the smaller, Ziggy Minispace. Researchers have found this san-serif to be a distant relative of the bitmap family though their evolutionary connection is uncertain.
Book Covers
An archive of classic sci-fi novels has been discovered with specimines of the Ziggy fonts. Feel free to explore the examples below, but please be sure to handle with great care.
As with all modern species, a great number of iterations led to Ziggy becoming the beauty it is today.   
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